You may be asked by your Housework Heroes’ cleaner to provide payment upfront for our Vacate Cleaning Package and other vacate/bond/end of lease cleaning services they provide.

We have implemented this policy due to the nature of vacant property (exit) cleans where the tenant is leaving the property and will no longer be available at this address going forward, meaning we are not able to pursue outstanding debts to Housework Heroes.

We undertake this policy without prejudice to any and all vacate cleaning services.

Your local Housework Heroes’ cleaner will provide you with full billing details & payment options prior to the service, payment will need to be made in full and verified a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled start of the service. If you are unable to do this, your Housework Hero will not be able to undertake your vacate cleaning service.

The service, like any cleaning service completed by Housework Heroes, is fully covered by our work guarantee, which means if you’re unhappy with the service provided or the quality of the cleaning, your Housework Hero will return to the property to attend to any items where there is an issue.  We can work directly with property managers & property owners who require re-visits for the cleaning that has been booked and paid in full by a tenant.
The service guarantee terms and conditions can be found here.

This policy and our service guarantee terms and conditions do not invalidate your statutory consumer rights.

If you are unsure about anything here, please contact your local Housework Hero directly, who will be able to assist further. If you wish to validate the request from your local Housework Hero, please contact your local Housework Heroes state office on 1300 722 622.