Be your own boss!

Buying a cleaning franchise in Australia is easier than you think

When you are your own boss, you can take control of your destiny. A Housework Heroes franchise can give you back the time to do the things you want to do, along with financial freedom and the lifestyle that you have been dreaming of!

With Housework Heroes, you’ll be part of a national franchise group with over 20 years in business, and currently over 210 successful franchisees across Australia.

The Housework Heroes Franchise Difference

Founded in Australia, with over 20 years of operation and 210+ franchises, we know our approach to helping people start their business journey works.

Housework Heroes operates a fixed fee & no lead fee domestic cleaning franchise in Australia. We want to see you succeed.

You simply focus on providing the best service to your clients, while we support you and your business.

Improve your Life by Owning A Cleaning franchise

Are you sick of your life being directed by forces that you can’t control? The daily commute to work? Answering to the boss 9 to 5? Want to be able to take time off when you want, to take the kids to the doctor or go on a holiday when it suits you and your family?
If you want the freedom to make time your own, then Housework Heroes may be the business opportunity you have been searching for.

Starting your own business doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle to achieve a better work-life balance when you have the support of a Housework Heroes franchise. You can set your work hours to suit your needs, skip out on the daily commuter rush to claim back more of your valuable time.

You’ll be joining over 210 people just like you, from a variety of backgrounds including students, engineers, courier drivers, chefs & more. Most had little to no experience running their own business prior to joining us. With the help and support of a franchise system, you’ll avoid the pitfalls most small businesses run into. Along the way, learning how to work smarter and avoid the headaches from running a business on your own.

Financial Freedom with a Cleaning Business

Are you looking for greater job satisfaction and to earn more money from customer who are happy and willing to pay? The reward for delighting your customers is regular repeat business that provide you with a great income and ultimately financial freedom, the harder you work, the more you’ll earn.

Highly satisfied customers means that your work schedule will always be full. You will be able to secure an income that suits your lifestyle and will continues to grow as your business grows.

See how a mum got her time back

Rozah, one of our Housework Heroes franchisees, tells you her story of being a single mum and wanting to work but needing time back to herself.

She has grown her franchise to now owning and operating two Housework Heroes franchises, all while picking up new business skills along the way.

Why Buy A Cleaning Franchise

People aspire to have their house cleaned, and will pay a premium for this service. Demand for a good cleaner is always high, and this is what we offer. Our franchisees earn a great day’s pay for a fair day’s work.
Work on your own or with a partner initially, then scale the business to the size you want it to be. Low start up costs and low overheads ensures a quick return on your investment.

Lady enjoying a freshly cleaned mirror by admiring herself in it
How much freedom does the work you currently do give you?

Job Satisfaction

As a cleaner you’ll be able to help out busy people with no free time, physically impeded people to achieve a higher quality of life or even just those who hate cleaning. We don’t know anyone who doesn’t look forward to going home to a wonderfully cleaned house.

Low start up and ongoing costs

There’s no need to purchase a brand new vehicle or equipment. We will brand your existing vehicle!
Our franchise purchase price also includes a full equipment kit and your ongoing costs are minimal compared to retail, food and other sectors, leaving you with a quicker return.

All this means you keep more of the money you earn.

Recession Resilient

Throughout the recent uncertain times, the established relationships our franchisees had with their clients meant that the bulk of our cleaners retained 95%+ of their clients. Post-pandemic, our enquiry numbers ballooned to more than our pre-COVID levels.

What you get with a Housework Heroes franchise

Housework Heroes gives you what you need when you need it


There is always a constant stream of leads generated by our ongoing marketing & established brand. New leads are sent straight to your phone to streamline your business operation.


Learn alongside the best, our comprehensive on the job training gives you the skills to clean a house for profit, not just to be clean. Along with our administrative training to ensure you are as skilled in business as you are cleaning.


Benefit from the brand recognition of Housework Heroes, we dominate local web searches and supplement this with TV & radio advertising. We refer clients directly to you via our Opus App. as first in usually wins the job.


You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. From day one, we are with you to support, nurture and help as much as you need. Our decades of experience ensure success and helps your business flourish.

State Franchise Offers

We have a state franchisor is in each state that Housework Heroes operates. They have key local knowledge and experience to see your business succeed in that area. Find out more about your local state master franchisor, areas available and current offers in your local state.

Housework Heroes Franchisee Testimonials

Our current franchisees can back up our claims and act as proof that the Housework Heroes franchising system can work for you.
Hear what our franchisees have to say about their experience owning and operating a Housework Heroes franchise

Daniel, a corporate manager and father, tells us how he values his time with his daughter, so sought out a job that could give him the lifestyle where he could claim back precious time to spend with his family.

Rozah tells us her story of being a single mum, wanting to work but wanting time back to herself. She’s grown her franchise to the point of now owning and operating two while picking up new business skills along the way

Reza & John came to Australia from the Philippines where they both held responsible jobs but wanted to find something that would enable them to work together. Housework Heroes represented a great opportunity at a low entry cost to do just that, and appreciate the support they have received.

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Franchising Frequently Asked Questions

Franchising comes with its own risks and benefits, you should be well-informed to decide if a franchise is the right choice for you. You can find great information in your research about franchising in Australia:

The cost of a franchise can vary from state to state, to current availability, demand & economic climate. Once your local State Master has spoken with you and found out a little more information including your experience, expectations & suburb they can provide an offer.

We also have existing franchises for sale from current franchisees who are moving on, or changing their lives, these franchises are a great boosted start to your own cleaning business.

As you own your own business, the more you work, the more you’ll earn. Also with Housework Heroes’ fixed fee system, you will be able to greatly scale your earnings by working more hours or extra days.

On average, your hourly charge out rate will be between $40-$50. Decide how many hours you want to work and do the math!

If this is something you are looking for, then yes we can provide an income guarantee. We would like to point out that most Income Guarantees in the market have very strict terms attached. We can discuss how they work so you can make the right decision for you.

We can’t give you an exact figure, but when we start a franchise, a shortage of leads is not an issue. We also continually give you leads throughout the life of your franchise as and when needed.

Yes, you can with a Housework Heroes franchise.
We’ll also give you the information to help decide if employees or contractors are right for your franchise.