Extra Cleaning Items

Alongside our standard home cleaning packages we can provide extra cleaning services to better suit your cleaning needs.
Our additional services are best paired up with one of our cleaning packages, however we’re happy to perform them individual cleaning items too.

Supplement your cleaning service

Pair up our add-on cleaning options with one of our cleaning packages. They’ll enhance the already outstanding cleaning service you’ll get from Housework Heroes and really add to ensuring you get the home cleaning you desire.

Housework Heroes Cleaning Services

Regular Clean

Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly cleaning services

Rent Inspection Clean

Be ready for your upcoming rent inspection

Spring Clean

One-off deep cleans, any time of the year

Vacate/End of Lease Clean

We have your end of lease or moving clean covered

Why Housework Heroes


Know what you’re getting for your money on each visit

You are busy

One less thing you have to worry about

Police Cleared

For your security and peace of mind


20+ years trading and all operators professionally trained

To find out more about a local Housework Heroes cleaning service, get in touch with us for quotation