When booking a service with Housework Heroes, you agree to the terms and conditions as listed below surrounding the Housework Heroes service guarantee

Terms & Conditions

  1. Housework Heroes must be notified as soon as possible regarding defects of the clean so that we may comment, inspect and return in a timely manner
  2. The service guarantee only covers the cleaning of the unsatisfactory items at the property and does not entitle you to have the entire cleaning package nor additional items redone
  3. The service guarantee only covers work provided and booked via Housework Heroes, no other services are covered by the Housework Heroes service guarantee
  4. The service guarantee can only be invoked by the person who booked the cleaning service, except for the vacate clean of which the owner of the property or the real estate agent managing the property may invoke the work guarantee on behalf of the person who booked the service
  5. The service guarantee is only valid on complete and whole cleaning packages as listed on our website (https://houseworkheroes.com.au/) performed at the property, this includes any optional extras that have been also performed at the property
  6. The service guarantee is only valid for up to 5 workings days after the date of the cleaning service and under the following conditions being met:
    • No building or maintenance work has been carried out at the property during or after the cleaning has been finished including but not limited to; renovation work, flooring replacement/repair, painting and decorating, plumbing or electrical work and other such similar services
    • The property has only had minimal and light foot traffic during or after the cleaning, this exclusively excludes but is not limited to excluding; parties being held or other such large social gatherings at the property, home-open/house viewings other any such similar activities*
    • *This is with exception to vacate cleans in which the property should be vacant on the day of cleaning and continue being vacant afterwards with no person(s) or animal(s) remaining there
    • The property has not been left open or unlocked, unattended or has had a security breach and had unwanted patrons enter after the cleaning service
    • The property has not been damaged in any way, be this from weather conditions or other such acts of nature, accidents by an external party or the person who booked the clean or animals left in the property during or after the cleaning.
  7. The service guarantee will only be honoured on the same clean at the same property up to a maximum of 3 times, after that Housework Heroes will cease to re-attend to the property in dispute of that clean
  8. The property must be in a liveable condition at the time of the service taking place for the service guarantee to be honoured, this includes but is not limited to meeting the following criteria:
    • The property is not excessively damaged, be this cosmetic or structurally
    • There are no issues with feral animals, bugs, insects or such at the property
    • The property must have working electricity with safe and usable electrical outlets, must have working lights in all rooms and must have running hot water
  9. Housework Heroes accepts no responsibility for bonds held back by real estate agents or owners, nor for additional rent charges or other such charges accrued

If you require further clarification surrounding the terms and conditions of the work guarantee, do not hesitate to contact us on: 1300 722 622

Published: 04/10/2014
Last updated: 31/08/2022