If your query isn’t answered below, please submit an enquiry and include any questions in the ‘comments’ field of our online enquiry form.

We provide cleaning services in Australia metro areas, you can consult our cleaning franchise cleaning areas page. Most of our franchises cover multiple suburbs and are happy to travel within a 10km radius.
If you’re still unsure, just submit an online enquiry form making sure you complete the correct suburb, state & postcode of your property and we’ll let you know if we cover that area.

Housework Heroes does not operate on an hourly rate, but provides a complete, fixed cost cleaning package service. This means your house will always be cleaned to the highest standard and not be limited by set hours.

Housework Heroes assumes every property has at least: 1 x living room, 1 x dining room, 1 x kitchen & in some properties 1 x Laundry area (for smaller apartments without one, this is accounted for in your cleaning estimate)

Additional rooms, would be rooms not listed above, for example:

  • Formal lounge/dining room
  • Theatre room
  • Study (or study nook)
  • Games room
  • Activity room
  • Sleep out
  • Or other such similar areas

Please include all of these rooms as additional rooms in your online enquiry so that we may provide a more accurate estimate for your cleaning services.

With your property being furnished Housework Heroes would recommend we provide our spring clean package to offer a detailed cleaning service, we can also supplement additional items to this cleaning package such as: window cleaning (inside, outside & tracks), interior oven cleaning and professional carpet steam cleaning services.

If your property is vacant and unfurnished, we would recommend you let Housework Heroes perform our vacate cleaning package, while aimed at people moving out of a property, the cleaning package is tailored for empty properties and to provide detailed cleaning in all areas of the property.

If your property is furnished Housework Heroes would recommend we provide our spring clean package which offers a detailed cleaning service, we can also supplement additional items to this cleaning package such as: window cleaning (inside, outside & tracks), interior oven cleaning and professional carpet steam cleaning services.

No, Housework Heroes operates on a simple pay per clean basis.
Additionally there are no contracts to sign or minimum periods of cleaning.

Your Housework Heroes cleaning representative will contact you prior to the date of the clean to finalise the exact start time, service to be carried out and access arrangements with yourself directly. If they are unable to reach you immediately, they will leave a message with their contact details and will try again to contact you. Please ensure you check your messages and reply to our cleaning representatives to ensure they can finalise your booking time.

Housework Heroes can bring everything from the vacuum cleaner, mop, buckets, clothes and all other cleaning materials.
We do require running hot water, safe useable electrical outlets & working lights at every property we provide a cleaning service for. Alternatively you can supply your own cleaning products if desired.

No, Housework Heroes always uses standard domestic cleaning products. Our cleaners do not carry harsher chemicals or products than those found in your local supermarket.

Housework Heroes can, however if they don’t achieve the results we expect or can deliver using our products, the clean may not be covered by our work guarantee.

Housework Heroes are happy to work around friendly household pets. We do ask if you have an overly excitable or aggressive pet to please secure them in a safe location at the property or remove them from the property for the duration of the cleaning service.

Housework Heroes cleaning representatives cannot move heavy or large furniture items (e.g. couches, chairs, tables, white goods) to clean behind or under them due to insurance restrictions.
If you would like to move these items prior or during the cleaning service, our cleaning representatives will clean behind them for you.

Housework Heroes primarily focuses on interior domestic cleaning services at your property.
Upon request we can provide general sweeping of paved areas outside, for heavily marked or stained paved areas (e.g. oil on drive or carport) we would need to carry out personal quotation (where a cleaner visit the property) for professional quotation for pressure cleaning services.
Housework Heroes does not currently provide any gardening services or pool cleaning services.

At present, Housework Heroes does not undertake any curtain cleaning services
Blind cleaning or dusting may be available upon request.*

*Excluding Western Australia – Blind cleaning or dusting services are not provided at all in WA.

Housework Heroes operates on a complete and whole cleaning package basis.
Our cleaning representatives carry out a personal quotation, they may offer to customise one of our cleaning packages to your individual needs. However we reserve the right to have a minimum level of service at a property.

Housework Heroes operates on a cleaning package basis rather than charging by the hour and working to a fixed time limit. As such our cleaners will stay for as long as it takes to complete the cleaning service you have booked, they will work as efficiently as possible while ensuring the cleaning is completed to the highest possible standard.

Housework Heroes will always try to keep the same cleaning representative for you on each and every visit, however there can be unforeseen circumstances that prevent this from happening as such we will make arrangements to ensure your cleaning service is still covered in that instance.

No. All of Housework Heroes cleaners are police cleared, fully insured and used to working alone in a property. Please ensure that you have confirmed access arrangements with your cleaning representative(s) prior to their arrival if you do intend to not be present for the cleaning service.

All of Housework Heroes cleaners have a valid state or national issued police clearance that was issued less than 4 years ago so you know our Housework Heroes and safe and trustworthy.
Upon request all Housework Heroes cleaning representatives will provide you with a copy of their police clearance.

If you wish to confirm the validity of the police clearance, please consult your state’s police website or non-emergency contact number.
Western Australia – National Police Certificate

All Housework Heroes cleaning representatives are covered by Public Liability insurance valid up to $10,000,000 in Australia, covering accidental damage & accidents to third parties.

Housework Heroes cleaning representatives do not carry any tools and will not use tools to remove light fittings to clean them. Our cleaning representatives also do not carry spare light globes.

Housework Heroes cleaning representatives do not carry ladders except standard step ladders nor will they use ladders during their cleaning service. If they feel they can safely perform cleaning with an extendable reach tool they will do so.
This may effect the cleaning of light fittings, ceiling fans & windows at certain properties.

At present all Housework Heroes cleaning representatives accept cash or cheque on the day of the cleaning.
Invoicing and payment via EFT may be available upon request – subject to the availability of your local franchise.

Housework Heroes cannot account for all aspects that your real estate agent or owner might withhold the bond for. We do guarantee a professional clean, if your real estate agent or owner are unhappy with any aspect of the cleaning as listed in our vacate cleaning package, then we will return to amend those items. Service guarantee terms & conditions apply.