Imagine working the hours that suit you.

Imagine being properly rewarded for your efforts.

Imagine being able to take time off when YOU want to.

Imagine providing a service that everyone would love to have.

Imagine being able to get a tax deduction for your car, phone, etc.

Imagine doing all this with the backing of business with 20+ years, experience.

Well, no need to imagine any longer.

At Housework Heroes we can provide all of the above and at the lowest price ever seen.

How can we do that?

The Housework Heroes franchise model was designed for those that were looking to operate their business for the long term and needed all the tools to help them.

We realised that not everyone needed their own exclusive territory or a 5-year term.  Not everyone needed, or wanted, the ability to take on Contractors or Employees and have their own Google listing and web page.

A lot of people just wanted to get a start and see how it went. 

The Housework Heroes Low Start Franchise is now a reality.  See what it has to offer.

  1. A complete list of equipment and initial cleaning products.
  2. Full training on both cleaning and business operation.
  3. Registration of Business Name.
  4. Business cards, Branded Quote and Invoice books.
  5. Access to our Opus customer management system.
  6. Branded T shirts.
  7. Full support from a Master Franchise.
  8. 24/7 Call Centre.
  9. First years $20 million Public Liability Insurance.
  10. The ability to upgrade to a Business Franchise.

And that’s not all……..

We changed our fixed weekly service fee to a percentage of your weekly turnover so if you don’t earn a lot one week you don’t pay as much.  And the percentage reduces the more you earn!!!! 

All of this for the very low upfront cost of only $2900

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