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Owning your own cleaning business isn’t as tough as you might think with a Housework Heroes franchise. You can experience all of the benefits of being a business owner including – earning more income the harder your work, taking time off when YOU want to, avoiding the daily commute and even building a substantial business where others do the cleaning. These are just some of the many reasons over 200 people, just like you, have taken the step into their own Housework Heroes franchise.

Housework Heroes has a proven record over 20+ years of establishing successful businesses for people from all walks of life, most of whom have never operated their own business before.  We do this by ensuring you are aware of all the things that work as well as the pointing out the pitfalls that so many people new to business don’t see.  In simple terms we show you how to work smarter not harder.

As we mentioned above people join Housework Heroes for many reasons and often money is not the most important reason.  Having said that, we all want to feel we are being paid what we are worth.  As the business owner you get to decide what you charge and you might be surprised at just how much you can earn with your Housework Heroes franchise.  That’s because your client not only values what you do for them, they also value the confidence that comes from you having a substantial brand behind you.  This great combination enables a large percentage of our franchise owners to achieve a 6 figure annual income.

Franchising means you don’t start alone, you don’t start with nothing. You’re supported by an Australian recognised brand, support office and other franchisees. We only provide cleaning services so all our focus is on the cleaning sector and growing your business within the cleaning market in Australia.

Become your own boss with a Housework Heroes cleaning franchise.  Check out a small sample of videos at the bottom of this page from three of our existing franchisees who each operate their business differently.

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Housework Heroes in Your Local State

Each state is supported by a local state master familiar with the area and able to advise you how best to run a local business. Benefit from the knowledge, experience & passion of your local state franchisor as they set up your business with you.

New South Wales & ACT

South Australia

Western Australia

Benefits Of A Cleaning Franchise

What Is Included With A Housework Heroes Franchise?

  • Your Own Exclusive Marketing Territory

    Includes a minimum of a 3,000+ homes where you have first refusal on all enquiries generated from our extensive advertising campaigns and delivered directly to you, in real time, by our state of the art Android and Apple compatible App.

  • Direct Marketing Package

    An extensive marketing plan for building your client base that may include radio & tv advertising, local newspapers, directory listings, mail drop & more

  • Your Very Own Web Page

    Your own optimised local Housework Heroes webpage, Google Maps andGoogle My Business listing

  • Complete Business Starter Kit

    Everything you’ll need, fully branded uniforms, business cards, quote books, flyers, a-boards,  magnets, pens & more

  • Vehicle Branding 

    We’ll cover the cost of having your vehicle professionally signed

  • In-Office Business Admin Training

    You’ll be trained on all aspects of building and running a successful franchise, from pricing, managing your clients, accounts & business growth

  • On The Job Cleaning Training

    Work alongside the best in the business to learn how to clean homes efficiently, maximising your time and income.

Steps to become a franchisee

  1. get in touch
  2. get a police check
  3. Pay a once only purchase price


Why Choose Housework Heroes?

Housework Heroes has been a cleaning franchise business since 2001, we have the experience and proven record of success in the cleaning industry in Australia & New Zealand. With so long in the industry we’ve seen it all, and pass all that information onto you in your training to use as you work on building your business.

We offer what we believe is the fair approach to franchising by charging a fixed weekly fee.  This means everyone pays the same amount each week regardless of the amount they earn.  So, the harder you work on your own business the more you keep.

Our business model is flexible enough to accommodate people working on their own, as couples and whatever combination you can think of.  Many of our franchise owners employ others to carry out the cleaning enabling them to really leverage their time and satisfy the seemingly never ending enquiries.

200+ people proves the system works

20 years trading across Australia

Clients like the confidence that comes from an established brand

You are in business for yourself but not by yourself

We operate the business for the benefit of all

Real Franchisee Testimonials

Want to find out what it’s like to have your own cleaning franchise? We’ve complied testimonials from real, current Housework Heroes franchisees. They talk about the diverse backgrounds and previous work experience they’ve come from to where Housework Heroes has taken them today.

Single Mum Gains New Skills

Rozah tells us her story of being a single mum, wanting to work but wanting time back to herself. She’s grown her franchise to the point of now owning and operating too while picking up new business skills along the way

Manager Claims Back Family Time

Daniel a corporate manager and father tells us how he values his time with his daughter so sought out a job that could give him the lifestyle where he could claim back precious time to spend with his family.

Working With Your Partner Can Be Great

Reza & John came to Australia from the Phillipines where they both held responsible jobs but wanted to find something that would enable them to work together. Housework Heroes represented a great opportunity at a low entry cost to do just that and are very grateful for the support they have received.

Common Questions About Franchising

It depends on a few factors.

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Still Have Further Questions?

If you still have questions about franchising with Housework Heroes, get in touch with us. Your local state master is happy to arrange a time to call you and answer any questions you might have about becoming a Housework Heroes

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