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Looking for a more established cleaning business?

Existing franchises have been set up and have a current customer base, you’ll be taking over an existing business so start-up is much quicker for you and you’ll see full earnings right away.

You still benefit from the Housework Heroes’ ongoing single flat weekly fee system, meaning the harder you work the more you earn yourself.

As with any business there is always room for growth, don’t think that just by purchasing an existing franchise that is all you can earn. Franchise areas can and do get bigger, there is always options to purchase a second territory franchise.

Franchise areas available in –

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Perth, Western Australia:



South Australia:


New South Wales:

    Looking to start fresh in a new area? Consider looking at our territory franchise information. Just complete our franchise enquiry form for more information.

    All prices and figures listed for existing franchises for sale are approximate figures to offer an idea, you should always conduct a full review of numbers and figures when purchasing an existing business.