Before and After a Spring Clean

As part of our spring cleaning service, we cover everything from cleaning the inside of the house including the kitchen, bathroom, doors, door frames, light fittings, exhaust fans and more! We can also additionally include window cleaning services or professional carpet steam cleaning services if needed.
We perform our full spring cleaning package at a property and cover it with our service guarantee. On top of that all Housework Heroes cleaners are police cleared and fully insured, so you never have to worry.

Sometimes we can arrive at properties that haven’t been left in the best conditions, the living conditions for the people in there might not be the best and it can simply become too much to catch back up on the level of cleaning needed on their own, that is why Housework Heroes is here. This time, Housework Heroes’ Shane & Sharon of Safety Bay, Western Australia stepped in and brought this property up to a very reasonable condition.

See how much of a difference you can notice in the before and after pictures below!

If your property is in need of spring cleaning services to the standard above, then we may need to provide a visited quote, contact us to discuss further.

For all your standard spring cleaning needs we can help you out with an unseen estimate delivered by email, just complete our online enquiry form.

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